Tech jobs based on what you can do, not who you are.

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What you look like or where you went to school have nothing to do with your ability to perform well on the job.

skilled (\'skild\) adj.

having or showing the knowledge, ability, or training to perform a certain activity or task well

Why TechHire?

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Skill Based

Our challenges and interviews level the playing field for job seekers by testing for the top technical and soft skills required for entry-level tech roles*

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Feedback Driven

Experienced HR volunteers conduct interviews and portfolio reviews, providing job seekers with feedback throughout the entire process

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Value Focused

Job seekers get a chance to show what they can do, and employers get access to qualified, diverse talent they've been missing out on

Here's how it works...

Sign up for free and create a profile. Employers identify what roles they want to hire for. Job seekers share projects and skills.
Job seekers take challenges and complete interviews to earn badges.
Employers browse the TechHire Candidate Board and connect with candidates that match their needs.
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* We currently offer challenges for entry-level Software Engineer, QA Analyst, Data Analyst, and IT Support Specialist roles. More roles Coming soon.

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