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Check out some employers who are hiring students like yours from TechHire:

Excella Consulting
Washington, DC
Employers like Excella Consulting understand that educators and employers cannot operate in silos. When employers play a critical role in training, advising and mentoring, they help grow the pipeline of talent for the entire employer community.
GE Digital
Rhode Island
When GE Digital announced they were bringing a 100-person technical office to Rhode Island in June 2016, Governor Raimond, CommerceRI, and the RI Department of Labor & Training partnered with TechHire to help GE hire quickly.
National Interstate Insurance
Akron, Ohio
In Akron, we have an engaged core group of employers that are very interested in TecHire. A lot of our momentum is on the manufacturing side and not on the tech side, so there is a great opportunity to further engage.